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24Keys LED IR RGB Controller

24Keys LED IR RGB Controller
Model: LU-C01IR
Unit: pcs
Origin: China
Max order: 10,000pcs/month
Min order: 10
TransTime: Deliver in 5-12days according to items and Qty.
Transportation: Container Freight & International Multimodal Transport
Payment: T/T
Product Description:
24Keys LED IR RGB Controller
Supply Voltage:DC12V,DC24 optional
Technique parameter:

This controller is design for LED production.
For light box advertisement, stage light, house decorating, and so on.

1.Supply Voltage:DC 12V,DC24 optional
2.Output: 3channes x 2A
3.Connecting mode: Common anode, or common cathode
4.Working temperature: -20-60degree
5.Product size: L62× W35× H23mm
6.Net Weight: 50g

1 Supply voltage of this product is DC12V never connect to other high voltage.
2 Never connect two wires directly in case of short circuit.
3 Lead wire should be connected correctly according to colors that connecting diagram.
 4 Warranty of this product is one year, in this period we guarantee replacement or repairing with no charge, but exclude the artificial situation of damaged.

Brightnes(8degree↑) Brightnes(8degree↓) OFF ON
Static red Static green Static blue Static white
Static orange Static light green Static dark blue Flash
Static dark yellow Static dark ctan Static brown Strobe
Static yellow Static cyan Static pink Fade
Static light yellow Static light cyan Static purple Smooth


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